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About Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Macau Branch)

Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Macau Branch)
Established in April 2008, Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Macau Branch) and Macau Business Imaging Solution Centre mainly provide business solutions consultant services and after-sales service support to customers on Canon business products.

Canon (Macau Branch) provides both marketing and service supports for all Canon business products. These included black/white and color multifunctional printers, large format printers, facsimiles, document scanners, business solutions etc. Canon continues to keep abreast with the ever-changing industry and assures to provide business solutions and high quality office equipment products to customers, to help them create paperless offices and ultimately attain the environmentally friendly objective.

Canon worldwide
Canon originates as a small company with only a handful of employees. Since then the company has grown to become a world-renowned digital imaging manufacturer and is now a global multimedia corporation. Canon's technological expertise amassed over the past 70 years places Canon as world-leader in imaging solutions. The company will continue to develop new technologies to benefit humankind and commit to execute community responsibilities.

Since 1937, Canon has created many world-class products and has been active in promoting product diversity and business globalization. With over 70 years of experience in imaging product manufacturing, Canon devotes huge resources on research and development. The company is now one of the top patent-holders of technology in imaging industry in the U.S. and the leading manufacturer across the globe that owns input and output device solutions.

In 2007, Canon was ranked 36th in Business Week's 100 Best Global Brands. In the same year, Canon global revenue has reached US$39.3 billion. The company's current subsidiaries around the world have reached 239 with approximately 130,000 employees (as at December 31, 2007).

Corporate Philosophy - Kyosei
The corporate philosophy of Canon is kyosei, which means "living and working together for the common good". Our aim in pursuing this philosophy is to support the development of a society in which all people enjoy happiness and fulfillment, regardless of differences in culture, customs, language and race. However, there are many imbalances in our-world-in areas such as trade, income levels and the environment which are hindering the achievement of kyosei, we are actively striving to resolve these imbalances. True global companies should establish good relations not only with their customers and communities in which they operate, but also with entire nations and the environment. They must also bear the responsibility for the influence of their activities on society. For this reason, Canon's goal is to contribute to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of humanity, and thereby continue to grow while helping the world achieve kyosei. Canon will base on the corporate philosophy "Kyosei" with commitment to serve all the people in the world.